I was in a legit car chase today.

Some fat black chicks in a Chevy Malibu were riding my ass for miles even when I was going over the speed limit. We get to a stoplight, where they sit right on my ass and I can hear them bitching and wobbling their fat gullets from inside of my car. The light turns green and they laid on the horn just as I was letting off the clutch on a hill to accelerate.

Me having serious road rage when it comes to asshat drivers like those barmy chunks, I flipped them off as I sped away. I made a quick turn into a large parking lot and noticed that they were still tailgating me and trying to scream at me.
Then the chase went on for a good while, thankfully no cops saw me speeding onto different roads and lots. I eventually lost them after pulling into an alleyway that splits in many different directions. I avoided staying on streets for the sake of avoiding cops, and I knew that the Mazda 2 can totally outmaneuver that POS Malibu.

The icing on the cake was that “Hot Ride” by The Prodigy was playing the whole time the chase went on, making the event ten times more intense. I felt like I was on Top Gear’s Ford Fiesta episode. lol 

The only way this could have been better is if I were in a RWD car. I would have totally tried drifting corners.