I fucking hate Hello Kitty.

Even when I was a wee little lass I thought the cartoon was retarded and boring and it should have died and remained dead back in the early-ass 90’s where it belongs. What is so great about it other than its weeaboo-esque art style directed at 7 year old girls that makes grown men and women want to spam their own car with it? That trend is almost as annoying as My Little Pony, and both of them alike should never have even exploded in popularity.

PS: I may enjoy Pokemon, but at least there’s more reason behind being a fan of that other than the fact that it’s on every handbag, coffee mug, car sticker, underwear, etc. I can even somewhat understand the MLP fandom because at least the show is somewhat watchable to people(even though personally that show makes me cringe). But I just don’t understand the HelloKitty fad and probably never will unless they’re a weeaboo or if that’s a girl’s way of saying “I’m so cute :3”.

That concludes my rant.

Good day.