Euro-ish: Mazda Miata from Jasper Ash on Vimeo.

So Far Today..

- I learned that cheese and coke is a very unsettling breakfast.
- Procrastinating on Tumblr instead of cleaning the apartment for my parents’ visit.
- Day 2 of my new job, already not looking forward to it.
- The only thing I look forward to is making bank and fixing up Moby.
- “Moby” is the name I gave my Miata, in case you’re wondering.
- Yes, I consider my car as part of the family.

Here’s Moby right before I bought him in shit condition. His sports tires were mounted backwards, his rear panel was missing, his acceleration was all kinds of fucked, and he probably hasn’t had a tune-up his entire lifetime. From the looks of it, his previous owner probably had no clue what they were doing. I’ve done this car a great favor by driving him off of this lot. My goal is to turn him into a little drift monster. >:)
Miatas are great donut makers.
Okay, last one for today. I get too carried away with this. PS: I hope my husband doesn’t go through with trading in Snowwie. I want to make her all badass like the Mazda2 in this picture.
Love it. ;)